St Lucia Citizenship by Investment

St Lucia has launched new citizenship by investment program as of Jan 2016 and the St Lucia Government made amendments to CIP program in 2017 reducing the threshold to $100,000 making St Lucia CIP very attractive citizenship program.

  • New low cost Citizenship by investment program
  • Unspoiled exotic beaches, a great country for holidays.
  • Cheapest and most popular citizenship by investment program.
  • Best second passport in the Caribbean for family.
  • Lifetime citizenship with one time contribution payment.
  • Cheapest citizenship for families.
  • St Lucia passport ranked #32 in the world rankings.
  • Visa free travel to over 125 countries including United Kingdom, EU Schengen states, Switzerland, Germany etc.
  • Lifetime citizenship for family and children.
  • Confidential application process with no exchange of information with other Governments
  • No residency requirements. No interviews. No language tests.
  • No requirement to visit St Lucia.
  • Very fast citizenship approval within 60 days
  • Citizenship through real estate investment.
  • Citizenship option through Government bonds or Business enterprise.
  • No interviews, No language tests, No military service,
  • No business experience needed for citizenship
  • St Lucia passport valid for 5 years before expiry.
  • No income, wealth or inheritance taxes.

Investment conditions

The following investment types qualify for St Lucia citizenship.

1. National Economic Fund

  • Applicant applying alone: US$100,000
  • Applicant applying with spouse: US$165,000
  • Applicant applying with spouse and up to two (2) other qualifying dependants: US$190,000
  • Each additional qualifying dependant, of any age: US$15,000

2. Approved Real Estate Project

Real estate investments qualify with minimum USD 300,000 invested in High-end branded hotels and resorts or boutique properties.

3. Government Bonds

Purchase of Government bonds with 5 year holding period.

  • Applicant applying alone: US$500,000
  • Applicant applying with spouse: US$535,000
  • Applicant applying with spouse and up to two (2) other qualifying dependants: US$550,000
  • Each additional qualifying dependant: US$25,000

4. Enterprise Projects

A minimum investment of  US$3,500,000 (sole) or US$ 6,000,000 (joint) with each applicant  share of no less than US$ 1,000,000

  1.  Specialty Restaurants
  2.  Cruise ports and marinas
  3.  Agro-processing plants
  4.  Pharmaceutical products
  5.  Ports, bridges, roads and highways
  6.  Research institutions and facilities
  7.  Offshore universities

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