Panama Immigrant Investor Program


Panama is a immensely popular jurisdiction for its offshore tax free companies and foundations. The country has a stable economy and comfortable climate because of its strategic location connecting South and Central America. Panama has a greatly developed modern medical and banking systems and has recently gained notoriety as `retirement destination`.

Panama encourages foreign investors and business investors to bring substantial investment and aid in the growth and development of the country. Panama as such, does offer government sponsored citizenship by investment program, but getting a permanent residence or getting a non-citizenship passport is very much possible for foreigners. Because the minimum investment is very much affordable, the residency program is quite attractive to foreigners who wish to invest in business, or retirement in Panama.

Panama Immigrant Investor Program

The temporary or permanent residence is given to foreign nationals under investor, business or pensioner category.

1. Investors

The following three schemes are available for foreign investors in Panama.

(i) Agriculture Project

Investment of Minimum US$ 60’000 in Govt approved Agriculture/Reforestation project. It is the cheapest and efficient method of gaining `Temporary Residence` in Panama and its valid for 6 yrs. With the investment of US$ 80’000 one can obtain a permanent residence visa.

(ii) Real Estate / Bank Deposit

Foreign investors can invest minium of USD 300’000 in real estate of minimum or in fixed term 3 yr deposit, against which “permanent residence permit” can be obtained. The investment can have a good mix of real estate and bank deposit.

(iii) Immediate Passport

Panama has introduced a `instant passport program` to international foreign investors where the investor qualifies for a “non-citizenship immediate passport” and a temporary residence visa with validity of 5yrs can be obtained. Obtaining a passport doesnt grant panama citizenship and it can be used as a travel document for traveling in EU and over 80 countries. The maximum interest rates are 4-5% in Panama and this means the deposit should come around this USD 200’000.

2. Retirees/Pensioners

Under this category pensioners, must receive `lifetime retirement income` of atleast USD 1000 monthly and provided they have sufficient financial means to support themselves. Permanent resident visa can be obtained for those who wish to to retire in Panama under this scheme.

3. Business Entrepreneurs

Applicant required to form a new company or corporation in Panama with the minimum capital of USD 160’000 and has to generate jobs in Panama. A permanent residence permit is issued under this program.

Dependents such as spouse, children allowed provided the investor has sufficient funds to support the living costs inPanama. There are no taxes in Panama unles the income is generated locally. The investor is not required to spend their residence in Panama. International investors are eligible to apply for citizenship in Panama after 5 years from the date of receiving permanent residency”. Panama has no restrictions on dual citizenship.

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