New Zealand Immigrant Investor Program

New Zealand

New Zealand, is a great country to live, stay and do business. NZ provides excellent base in Oceania to do business and trade.

New Zealand Government has adopted very flexible business and immigration policy to attract foreign investors and entrepreneurs. The Govt has formally adopted investor migration program for high end investors and business persons who want to gain residence and spend time in New Zealand.

New Zealand Immigrant Investor Program

Under investor immigration scheme, there two options “investor” and “investor plus”. Applicants are required to meet health and character requirements under this program. Besides these the investor has to spend a minimum length of time in New Zealand. The minimum investment required are shown below, under various categories

1. Investor

Minimum Investment NZ$ 1.5 million (approx US$ 1.1 million) has to be invested in New Zealand for 4 yrs. This program requires 3 yrs of business experience and age of person must be 65 yrs and below.

2. Investor Plus

Minimum Investment NZ$ 10 million (approx US$ 8 million) has to be invested in New Zealand for 3 yrs. No age or business or english language proficiency required under this program.

3. Retirement

Investors who wish to stay in New Zealand for about 2 years or so, can apply under “Temporary Retirement Program”. You are allowed to bring your spouse but not dependants. The minimum eligibility criteria are:

  1. Age above 66 years.
  2. Minimum Investment NZ$ 750’000 (approx US$ 600’000) to be invested in investment funds or assets for period of 2 yrs. Acceptable investments include government bonds or investment making significant contribution to the New Zealand economy. In addition to Annual Income: NZ$ 60’000 and Maintenance Funds: NZ$ 500’000.
  3. Meet health and character criteria.
  4. Must have comprehensive health and travel insurance.

4. Entrepreneur

Applicants who are very experienced business individuals and are willing to setup a bonafide business in New Zealand are eligible to apply under this program. One needs to hold a long term business visa before applying to his program.

The taxes in New Zealand are about 30% for all domestic, and foreign companies.

Upon acceptance, you will have 12 months to deposit the investment amount. YouFor more information about investor residence programs, please visit the NZ Govt Immigration Website and

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