Montenegro Citizenship by Investment

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment

Montenegro is a picturesque country with beautiful sunny beaches, situated south east of europe, just across the adriatic sea bordering Albania, Italy, Croatia and is well connected to Europe. Rome is about distance of 600km. Montenegro has mediterranean climate and enjoys about 6 months of sunny days.

Montenegro is the official candidate for EU membership and is likely to join in the near future. The country has adopted EURO currency.

The Montenegro Government encourages foreigners to invest freely in all industries and sectors including real estate and commercial property. No restrictions for UK investors on buying and selling property. Foreign investors usually need to form a company to buy land in Montegro.

Business startup is relatively very easy in Montnegro, where one can form a Limited Liability Company with just 1 euro and can be done within 4 working days. Montenegro has a competitive personal and corporate tax rates of flat 9%.

 Citizenship by Investment

The minimum investment required is EUR 500,000 of which EUR 300,000 has to be invested in Government approved real estate or business project and non refundable deposit EUR 200,000 in the treasury of Montenegro. Investor and family members qualify for fast track citizenship in Montenegro under citizenship by investment program conditions.

The citizenship by investment program in Montenegro is likely to be resumed in 2017 under “special investor program”.

Dual citizenship is allowed by Montenegro and has no restrictions on it..

Individuals and families who become Montenegrin citizens under the investment program, automatically qualify for Montenegro passport.

Montenegro passport offers visa free travel to 107 countries in the world including all of Europe, Russia, Switzerland etc. Montenegrin passport is ranked 47th best passport in the world.

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