Hong Kong Immigrant Investor Program

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a major hub for international trade and finance in Asia. Hong Kong has low personal and corporate taxes, friendly for business investors and entrepreneurs. Hong Kong has no restrictions on capital inflows/outflows and has worldclass infrastructure and living conditions.

Hong Kong Immigrant Investor Program

The Government of Hong Kong has introduced a `capital investment scheme` granting `Hong Kong Residency Visa` to foreign nationals, who make a substantial contribution to the economy and development of Hong Kong.

(i) Foreign Nationals

(ii) Maco SAR Residents

(iii) Chinese nationals with permanent resident status abroad in a foreign country.

(iv) Taiwan nationals

Restricted Countries: This program is not available to nationals of Afghanistan, Albania, Cuba, North Korea as per government regulations.

 Minimum Investment

Minimum investment of not less than HK$ 10 million (approx US$ 1.2 million), which is recently revised by HK govt as of Oct 2010. The investors will be given choice to invest this money in Real Estate or in Financial Assets category, which can be Certificates of Deposit (CD), equities, securities or collective investment schemes published by HK Immigration Dept. Please note that as of now the real estate investment option is not available under this program. The investor will be given a time frame of 6 months to make the investment from the date of the application.

It takes about 3-4 months for the whole application process. Upon formal approval and having satisfied the requirements, the investor will be granted a 2yr residence visa and is allowed to bring spouse and children under 18yrs provided he/she is able to support themselves financially, and no engaging in business in Hong Kong.. The value of investment had to be maintained for 7yrs only then after 7yrs, qualifies for `Hong Kong Permanent Residence` and then HKSAR citizenship. Hong Kong does not allow double or dual citizenship which means you have to renounce your previous citizenship.

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