Canada Quebec Immigrant Investor Program


Canada is the most desired country to live, work and to spend quality time with your family and is therefore a great choice for residence. To ease Business immigration, Canda has a official `investor immigration program` for business entrepreneurs, self employed person and investors coming from outside canada who can substantially invest in canadan economy and development which includes creating new jobs and businesses. Under this program a permanent residence in canada can be obtained.

Canada Benefits

  • Best living standards in North America
  • Best educational and health care system
  • Citizenship can be obtained after just 3 years of residence.
  • Affordable living costs
  • No restrictions on dual citizenship

Canada Immigrant Investor Program

The immigration program for is available under two options..

1. Canada Fast Track Program

Do you own a business in your country? The fast track option will work for you if you wish to do genuine business in Canada, by forming a subsidary of your existing company in Canada. As an owner of your canadian company, you can come to canada, bring your family and children to manage your business. We charge all inclusive fee of CAD$ 150’000. The fee does not include govt fee, translation and certification charges, which is extra. The processing time may take about 6-8 months to complete the government formalities. For more information please see this website

2. Immigrant Investor Program

  • Federal Immigrant Investor Program (FIIP)
  • Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QUIIP)

Under the Canada Immigrant Investor program (Quebec/Federal), the minimum investment needed CAD$ 800’00 (approx US$ 840’000) which has to be invested on fully guaranteed interest free government term deposit for 5 years. Further, the applicant must have a net worth of CAD$ 1.6 million . Spouse can be included to show the net worth.

Financing option can be arranged. We can have your investment deposit financed by by financial intermediaries and the cost for you, your spouse and the dependent children would be in the range of CAD$ 195,000 to CAD$ 220,000 used as downpayment. We only work with Govt approved banks and institutions in Canada. The cost includes financing of the deposit of 800,000 $ CAD, preparation of the file and representation at the provincial and federal level, preparation for the interview (if it is not waived) and assistance at the interview. The cost does not include Quebec and Canada Government fees, cost of translations, courier service etc.

The Federal and Quebec Investor program have the same investment requirements but the Federal program requires applications to have operated a qualifying business with relevent experience and interview along with language skill is a mandatory. Further the processing time for Quebec program takes about 8 months and Federal program about 18 months. Under the Quebec investor program, personal interview may be waived.

Minimum Investment

We expect our clients to invest, a minimum of USD 200,000 or more, to apply for either fast track or quebec immigrant program. We at present ONLY assist clients with Quebec investor program (QUIIP).

Federal vs Quebec Investor Program

Here are the main differences between Quebec and Feder Immigrant Investor Program:

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) Federal Immigrant Investor Program (FIIP)
Minimum Investment CAD$ 800’000 CAD$ 800’000
Net Worth CAD$ 1.6 million CAD$ 1.6 million
Business Experience Must have business management experience for at least two 2 years within the previous five 5 years Must have operated or directed a qualifying business, or have managed at least five 5 full-time employees for at least two 2 years within the previous five 5 years
Language Skills Not Required Required
Interview May be waived Required
Permanent Residency Applicant and his family do not have to reside in Quebec, once the application was approved or upon receiving canadian permanent residence. Reside anywhere in Canada, except Quebec
Processing Time Approx 8 months Approx 14 months

The Quebec Investor program is the far less time consuming program, plus it has major added benefits!

To apply for citizenship, you must have atleast 3yrs of residence and of which 2yrs of permanent residence is a must. Canada has no restrictions on dual nationality, while other countries do not. You can still live in Canada with permanent residence and not giving up your old citizenship. For more information on dual nationalities, we recommend you to go through the information published on Canadian foreign affairs website.

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