Bahamas Immigrant Investor Program


Bahamas lies in Atlantic,very near to Florida. It fourth richest country in the Bahamas, lies in Atlantic ocean, just north of cuba. It is tourist paradise on earth known for its beautiful beaches and oceans and the Tourism is the major contributor for economy of Bahamas, besides offshore financial sector. Bahamas is the ‘offshore tax haven’ a home for formation of major offshore international business companies (IBC). The currency is Bahamian Dollar (BSD).

Bahamas is a..

  • Offshore Jurisdication
  • Major International financial center
  • No personal income or corporate taxes.
  • Major tourism destination

Bahamas Immigrant Investor Residency

The Bahamas Govt has encourages foreign businesses and investors to contribute to the economy of Bahamas by providing more incentives and benefits to foreign nationals

Bahamas have a “economic investment program” to foreign nationals where a permanent residence is given to on the basis of minimum investment of USD 500’000, made to purchase a residence (a home or condominim) in Bahamas. The permanent residence grants the investor right to live and work in Bahamas but not to voting rights.

Family and dependents are allowed as long as the investor has the sufficient means to support the dependends, without the need for employment in Bahamas. For more information about his program, please visit the Bahamas Govt Immigration website.

There are no income personal/corporate, no sales, no inheritance, no gift, no estate or no capital gains taxes in Bahamas. Bahamas does not have double taxation agreement with other countries.

We assist our foreign clients in residence, real estate, company formation and investing in Bahamas.

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